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In 2018, the number of family photovoltaic power stations will reach 800,000 units

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Key words:In 2018, the number of family photovoltaic power stations will reach 800,000 units

Many people think that "subsidies and electricity prices have been lowered. Photovoltaic power generation has not made much money. Why do you recommend that we spend money to install?" Today, we talked to everyone. "The PV price and subsidies in 2018 have fallen, but we must continue Great reason to install photovoltaics!"

1, the cost of electricity is declining
Although the subsidy has been reduced, the cost of electricity has also dropped!
The reduction in the cost of electricity is reflected in:
1 Decrease in product prices
Recently, monocrystalline silicon wafers decreased by 7.7%, and polysilicon wafers decreased by 11%. This means that the main power generating unit and the cost-equivalent unit of photovoltaic power stations are the largest ones. The cost of photovoltaic modules will also decrease. In addition, it is inferred from previous years that 2018 power plants will The heart--inverter should also be reduced by about 10%, even if you count the cost of cable, operation and maintenance costs, the overall cost of the power plant will drop a lot!

2 Product quality improvement
With the advancement of technology, the efficiency of photovoltaic power generation will become higher and higher, and the quality of power stations will become more and more reliable. Accordingly, the power generation of photovoltaic power stations will also increase significantly in the future!

3Installation service improvement
With the development of the industry, the overall quality of the photovoltaics will continue to increase. The installation of photovoltaic power plants will become more and more standardized, and the after-sale operation and maintenance services will also be more complete. The failure rate of the power stations will become lower and lower. Afterwards, the power station will be able to enjoy the benefits of the sun more economically.

2, people around are loading
Relevant data show that in 2017, more than 500,000 households across the country installed photovoltaic power plants. Many areas in the south are connected with photovoltaic power stations in the village.
With the promotion of all parties, there will be more and more people install photovoltaic power stations in the future. Some time ago, industry experts predicted that the number of household photovoltaic power plants in 2018 will reach more than 800,000 sets. There are also relevant data that the country will have 30-35 million households to install photovoltaic power plants.
Future-installed photovoltaic power stations will become new fashion, and power stations will be as popular as home appliances. Are you ready?

3, Ogaki is also optimistic
Audi's photovoltaic electric vehicles are available, and Alibaba's photovoltaic power stations are also on-grid. Apple's new headquarters base for installing photovoltaic power plants will soon be put into use, not to mention the numerous celebrities that were installed before.

4. The function of poverty alleviation
Poverty alleviation by PV was registered in CCTV, People's Daily, Xinhua News Agency and other media in 2017. The concept of photovoltaic pension has also been strongly recognized by the People's Daily.
Due to historical reasons, many elderly people in rural areas do not have endowment insurance. Therefore, the stable yield of household photovoltaic power plants will become the most suitable pension for old people. The children invest in construction, and the elderly receive fixed monthly income for up to 20 years.

5, more profitability
Today, carbon emissions trading and green electricity certificate trading have all been launched and trialed. The future trading market will gradually mature and the threshold for integration will be reduced. At that time, the owners of photovoltaic power stations can not only sell electricity, but also can sell carbon at high prices. Certificate "Get new benefits!
What is the carbon trading market? What is a green card? What does it have to do with photovoltaics? How much can ordinary people earn from it?

6, to contribute to future generations
Photovoltaic power generation is a non-polluting, non-radiative, green renewable energy source. The development and use of photovoltaic power generation can reduce coal-fired power generation and can beautify the environment. Photovoltaic power stations absorb sunlight, and each power generation can reduce 972 grams of CO2 emissions and reduce other pollutant emissions.
Everyone should make a contribution for this!

7, the trend of the times
At present, China's main power generation method is thermal power generation, but thermal power generation consumes non-renewable energy. It is not only unsustainable, but also causes environmental pollution. It is not a permanent solution. The clean, pollution-free and renewable energy source like photovoltaic power generation will end. Will replace traditional energy sources. The use of clean energy such as photovoltaic power generation in the entire society is inevitable!
With the advancement of clean heating and the popularization of electric vehicles, electricity will be used everywhere in the future. In the future, the power station will be built, and the owners will be able to save the high price of electricity and earn high prices for electricity. This is not a dream!
"In 2018, I would like to continue to install photovoltaics seven reasons!" What are you still hesitating?

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