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Household photovoltaic modules how to choose?

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Key words:Household photovoltaic modules how to choose?
1. Look at the component level
In the production process of photovoltaic modules, in order to ensure their power generation performance, there will be strict factory inspections. Domestic manufacturers generally divide the components into three grades: A, B, and C in terms of performance and appearance. Class A components have excellent performance and generally refer to components with high efficiency and good electrical performance. Their lifetime is at least 25 years. According to their different phases, they can be divided into A1, A2, and A3 grades. A1 grade refers to the component whose color and electrical properties are all highly consistent, and is the best quality grade; A2 component generally has more obvious color difference; A3 has more scratches than A2, but does not affect normal use. Class B components are lower in efficiency than A1 components, and are generally flawed and have a more serious color difference. The C-level components of the battery often have physical damage, such as missing corners, edge collapse, broken grid and so on. Class B and C components cannot guarantee the follow-up power and attenuation rate in line with national regulations due to defects and quality problems, nor can they guarantee the service life of 25 years. Here we solemnly tell you that there are only Class A components that can circulate in the market, and any so-called Class B C Class components are selling fake products!
Buy components must be selected first-line big brands, formal channels to purchase, select spectrum integrators, because the market is now mixed, fake cards, decks, shoddy components may also be encountered. If we look at the components themselves, we can also tell whether they are good or bad. In simple terms, A-class components will not appear in these situations (as shown below): battery color spots, color differences, bulges, broken gates, missing corners, collapse, nicks, etc.; component appearance poor packaging, sealing is not good, back Board scratches, frame scratches, glass scratches, etc.

2, component certification
In addition to the grade and warranty, the selected component can also see the certification passed by the component. The component manufacturers have fully certified the quality of photovoltaic modules through a variety of testing and certification bodies, and proved to customers that the products have passed domestic and international testing standards, with safety and durability, to ensure the long-term stable operation and high yield of photovoltaic systems. The authoritative certification includes CGC, China Quality Certification Center (CQC), TUV certification, and UL.

3, component attenuation
We often say that 260W PV modules, strictly speaking, is 260Wp, p represents peak, which means its peak power is 260W, and the test conditions are all "standard test conditions" STC (Standard Test Condition): irradiance is 1000W/m2, battery temperature 25 °C, AM = 1.5. That is to say the 260Wp component, said that its power generation under the STC is 260W. And this parameter will decrease with the aging of the component.
The aging decay of components refers to the extremely slow power drop during the long-term use of the components. The annual attenuation is about 0.7%, and the total attenuation in 25 years will not exceed 20%. Professor Shen Hui of the Institute of Solar Energy, Sun Yat-sen University China has collected about 3,000 components that have been used for more than 30 years, of which the best performers have attenuated only 6% after 28 years of use. In other words, a reliable 260Wp module will have a capacity of at least 208Wp in 25 years, and if it is good, it may reach 240Wp or more, thus ensuring the stability of the photovoltaic power plant for 25 years.

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