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Key words:HF230D
Description:System voltage:12V/24VautomaticRated current:30AOpen circuit voltage:50VProduct Size:1609545mmUSB output:5V 1AHF2 series solar controller is more exquisite. The newly designed display interface can present comprehensive data to the user. It also provi…
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System voltage:
Rated current:
Open circuit voltage:
Product Size: 160×95×45mm
USB output:
5V 1A

HF2 series solar controller is more exquisite. The newly designed display interface can present comprehensive data to the user. It also provides user-friendly installation and operation prompts while meeting functional requirements. The series offers dual USB output with maximum 5V 1.2A, and people can charge mobile phones, DC fans and other DC electronic devices. Various load control modes make the controller widely applicable to solar home systems, signal lights, solar street lights, garden lights and so on.

Efficient PWM charging
Uses power MOSFETs as electronic switches without mechanical switches
LED indicator can intuitively display the current system battery capacity and charge and discharge working status
Automatic detection system battery voltage, 12/24V automatic identification
Using temperature compensation charge control algorithm, the system automatically adjusts the charge and discharge parameters
Simple button operation, industrial design, wide range of use
USB 5V/1.2A output function for charging electronic devices
DC 12V output function, can directly use DC load
Multi-stage PWM charging method (strong charge, float charge, absorption charge)
Lead-acid battery, colloidal battery, open-type battery and user-defined (user set) four types of battery charging program optional
Vivid LCD display real-time dynamic display of equipment operating data and working status
Charge and discharge parameters can be set and modified
Multiple load operation modes available (Pure light control mode, light time control mode, normal mode)
Anti-reverse connection of battery, anti-reverse charge at night, battery under-voltage protection and controller over-current protection of solar panels, batteries and load

Protective function:
Overcharge protection, automatic recovery
Over-discharge protection, automatic recovery
Overload protection, short circuit protection
Solar panels, reverse battery protection
Anti-recharge protection at night
USB output overheat and short circuit protection

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