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Description:Rated voltage: 12/24/36/48V automatic identificationRated charge current: 10ARated discharge current: 10ARS485 communication port: RJ451USB output: 2A/5V2Packing: 48 sets / box Carton size: 646 370 227 (mm) Carton gross weight: 18.3KgThe SK series i…
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Rated voltage: 12/24/36/48V automatic identification

Rated charge current: 10A
Rated discharge current: 10A
RS485 communication port: RJ45×1
USB output: 2A/5V×2

Packing: 48 sets / box Carton size: 646 × 370 × 227 (mm) Carton gross weight: 18.3Kg

 The SK series is a series of new smart multifunctional solar charging controllers. Its innovative design makes it easy to install, and the friendly user interface makes the product easier to use. Optimized charge and discharge management can greatly extend the battery life. At the same time, the controller can display various parameters of the system, and all parameter values can be set to satisfy various applications.
Product voltage level 12/24/36/48V automatic identification, unique clock circuit allows the product to have a more accurate load control capabilities, the product comes with remote communication capabilities can be extended to a variety of host computer such as desktop computers, tablet computers, notebooks, Smart phones provide data transmission via wired, WIFI, Bluetooth, etc. External temperature probes allow the controller to perform temperature compensation charging more accurately.

Efficient PWM charging
Multi-stage charging technology (strong charge, absorption charge, float charge, balanced charge)
Lead acid, colloidal, open type and user-defined four types of battery charging program optional
Vivid LCD display real-time dynamic display of equipment operating data and working status
Working parameters can be set and modified, multiple load working modes are optional
With its own clock function, real-time statistics and recording charge and discharge parameters
Automatic detection system battery voltage, 12/24/36/48V automatic identification
Using temperature compensation charge control algorithm, the system automatically adjusts the charge and discharge parameters
USB 5V/1A output function for charging electronic devices (10A, 20A)
Use standard MODBUS communication protocol based on RS-485 communication bus to maximize the requirements for different communication

Protective function:
Overcharge protection, automatic recovery
Over-discharge protection, automatic recovery
Overload protection, short circuit protection
Solar panels, reverse battery protection
Anti-recharge protection at night
USB output overheat and short circuit protection

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