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Photovoltaic module used in 29 years of test results, 25 years of life of photovoltaic modules have a basis!

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Key words:Photovoltaic module used in 29 years of test results, 25 years of life of photovoltaic modules have a basis!

The birth of the first photovoltaic power plant
In 1983, Yuanzi Township, Yuzhong County, Lanzhou City, Gansu Province was one of the poorest villages in the country. The first photovoltaic power station in China was born here. This group of solar single crystal panels was donated by the Japanese Kyocera Corporation and installed at the Gansu Institute of Natural Energy with a total installed capacity of 10kw.
The village has 36 households, each with 2 fluorescent lamps. At the time, this 10kw photovoltaic power station satisfied the entire village's electricity consumption!
Since this is an off-grid power station, there is no way to know its specific power generation at that time, but it can also be roughly calculated from its power supply.

At the end of the 1980s, with the rapid development of China, the national power was sent to this small village, and this photovoltaic power plant also fell out of favor.
Many photovoltaic panels were removed by the villagers and taken as pig gates? ! ......
After learning of this situation, the experts of the Gansu Energy Institute negotiated with the villagers of the local government to return the photovoltaic power station with only 7kw remaining.
At that time, there were two ways to dispose of the returned PV power plant:
First, take Tibet and install it for those who need it. Second, stay in the Institute

Balancing the value, it was eventually left at the Institute.

Greater value
Dozens of spring trips to autumn, in 2018, this photovoltaic power station has been a full 35 years old! It is still generating electricity today! It has 6.4kw remaining power! In recent years, for various considerations, it has also been incorporated into the national grid.
What is its decay status today? Look at the data collected by a research institute after 29 years of photovoltaic component testing:

From this data, it can be seen that at 29 years of use, its average power drop is at 16%, and the most attenuated PV modules are less than 20%!
Not to mention that the current technology is more mature, and the examples that have been used more than 30 years ago fully confirm that photovoltaic modules can be used for more than 25 years!

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