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JIANGSU NABAI SOLAR TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD., Located in the private industrial park of Wujin Economic Development Zone in Changzhou City, 15 kilometers from Changzhou Airport, 3 kilometers from the expressway crossing, and 10 kilometers from the Changzhou Railway Station, it is one of the fastest-growing areas in Changwu, Jiangsu Province. The company occupies more than 2,000 square meters, registered capital of 20 million, the company's existing staff of 50 people, all kinds of technical staff of 15....

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Components, Inverters, Brackets, Cables, Net Boxes, Labor Costs, and other Material Purchase Costs and Recommended by Excellent Companies


Components, Inverters, Brackets, Cables, …

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The birth of the first photovoltaic power plantIn 1983, Yuanzi Township, Yuzhong County, Lanzhou City, Gansu Province was one of the poorest …


The company mainly produces solar modules, solar power plants and distributed manufacturing and installation companies. The product's production capacity, battery 200MW, components 200MW. The company's manufacturing equipment is excellent ......